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Madison Orange

Madison Orange

Madison Orange has been breaking ground and creating new genres of entertainment for over a decade. She was the first Los Angeles artist to incorporate LED & Fire props into GoGo Dance acts performed alongside DJs and other musicians. Audiences were instantly captivated by her unique style and she knew she had created something truly special. In 2006, she established the GoGo Hoop Dance Stars to build on the now growing movement that she had sparked.


The GoGo Hoop Dance, LLC now represents 30 incredibly talented musicians, DJs, and entertainers specializing in a diverse range of performance arts, including Fire, LED, Aerial, GoGo, and Burlesque. Dazzling audiences from corporate parties to festivals, the Gogo Hoop Dance Stars do it all and they do it well. In addition to the astounding collection of talents offered, they can also style the perfect looks and aesthetic to complement any type of event.

Madison’s Gogo Hoop Dance Stars have performed for festivals and events around the world and for many big-name artists, including Nesta, Snoop Dog, Alice DJ, DJ Crave, David Arquette, Hart Sawyer, and many more. Highlighted major festivals include Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, One Love, and O.C. Yoga Festival.


Not long after establishing her first entertainment business, Madison began focusing on her DJ career. Madison’s talent is not only in her skill as a DJ but also in her ability to find the perfect musical selection to create just the right vibe for any event. In 2018, she founded the eclectic duo, BossAngeles DJs, garnering bookings at major global festivals, such as Lighting in a Bottle, the Elements Festival, and Burning Man. BossAngeles regularly shares the stage with well-known artists, including ROQ’N Beats with Jeremiah Red, Stanton Warriors, Stylust Beats, Cazztek, Lea Luna, Croatia Squad, DJ Dan, Diva Danielle, Rumpus, Fort Knox Five, the Golden Pony, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Justin Jay, VNNSA, and many more. BossAngeles specializes in Bass House with massive bass sounds and groovy dance beats.

Madison’s career as a performer and DJ has led to multiple residencies in Hollywood where she plays open format music during the week and on weekends. Madison thrives as an open format performer, feeling the vibe of the room and playing tunes from all decades to create the perfect environment. This open format Party Rocker DJ plays anything and does it with style.


Professionalism and uniqueness are just couple words to describe this dynamic and talented entertainment entrepreneur.

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